Sale in the social and educational service: Agree with “No”!

The Verdi members in the social and educational service are asked to vote by the beginning of June on the deal that the Verdi service union agreed with the Association of Municipal Employers (VKA) on Wednesday. The network of action committees for safe education calls on all employees in day-care centers and social institutions to vote “no”!

Striking kindergarten teachers on May 4th in Frankfurt am Main [Photo: WSWS]

This degree isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. It can only be described as a sell-out of the struggle thousands have waged since early March to upgrade the social worker and educator profession. It has a term of five years, from the beginning of 2022 to the end of 2026! As such, its main function is to choke off the growing strike movement in day-care centers and in the public sector, and to isolate them from the rest of the working class. “There will be no more strikes,” GEW rejoices in its commentary on the new contract.

The degree provides for a flat rate of two days more free time per year; two more days of relief are possible by waiving a new financial allowance. This in a situation of dramatic staff shortages, in which the employees “voluntarily” constantly fill in, work in their free time and ruin their health. Nationwide, daycare centers are missing more than 173,000 employees, many are absent due to Corona, and the workload is constantly increasing. As in Hesse, state politicians are using the Ukrainian refugees to increase the number of children per skilled worker from 25 to 30.

“More needs more!” was one of the most popular slogans during the warning strike. The financial allowance now consists in the fact that from July 1, 2022, the daycare teachers will receive a monthly supplement of 130 euros, and the social workers will receive 180 euros – gross, of course! That’s an extra hundred in your wallet at best, while prices keep rising. In addition, there is a long-overdue adjustment of the duration of the steps to the general collective agreement for the public sector (TVöD), which will only take effect in two years, from October 2024.

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