Sale and prostitution of girls ‘is not the rule’ in Guerrero: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said this Sunday that his visit to La Montaña de Guerrero was not to address the issue of the “sale or prostitution of girls,” a situation that according to the president is not the rule in that region.

During the event of “Support Plan for Guerrero”, the president affirmed that there is an information campaign “that is transmitted to distort things”, which has caused this issue to be questioned in Guerrero, but “it is not the rule … it is not a reason to question anyone.”

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At the head of the event, López Obrador pointed out: “I don’t come to see that, because that is not the rule, in the communities there are many moral, cultural and spiritual values. That may be the exception, but it is not the rule. Is prostitution only with the poor? So a whole campaign in that sense … is no reason to question anyone. The handling of the information that is transmitted is very alienating ”.

The president’s statements occurred after journalists questioned him if he had come to attend to the issue of the sale of girls that has been documented in the La Montaña region. In response, the president pointed out that said information tries to “distort or deform things.”

“In La Montaña and throughout Guerrero and throughout Mexico there is a great reserve of values ​​to regenerate public life,” he said.

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On May 21, President López Obrador was questioned during his morning conference about the sale of girls in some states of the country, a situation that he regretted, although he pointed out that “indigenous communities should not be stigmatized, because indigenous peoples there is a great reserve of values ​​”.

“This idea that these things and uses and customs that are committed acts of barbarism happen in indigenous communities should not prevail, because it also does not correspond to reality, that conception is quite classist and racist. It is not a generalized issue ”, he assured.

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