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What do Formula 1 drivers earn?

Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen are the absolute stars of Formula 1. The three also see themselves being richly rewarded in the form of sky-high salaries. Defending champion Hamilton leads the list with an amount of no less than $ 50 million annually. He is ahead of Ferrari driver Vettel, the German has to do with $ 40 million a year.

Striking name in the top three is Daniel Ricciardo, who chose the switch to Renault in 2019, partly due to the financially attractive proposal. The subtopper transfers $ 27,500,000 annually to the Australian. Max Verstappen also earns a great salary, which is estimated at $ 13.5 million a year. That amount does not include the bonuses for World Cup points, victories and the millions that his personal sponsors bring in every year.

RacingNews365 consulted various sources for drawing up the list below. The amounts are indicative, since the drivers’ pay slips are not public.

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