Salah Al-Kurdi was honored in Dubai for this reason

The Kaiel International Festival, in its tenth session in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, honored the artist Salah Al-Kurdi for his work in writing, composing and singing.

Salah sang to the audience, with his voice, the song “Ya You Think, Ya You Feel”, which was composed by the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab for the series “Five and Noss”.
On the other hand, the Kurdish artist had released his song “Al-Qouloob Is Taskart” on his YouTube channel, which is the first of 4 songs that Al-Kurdi recorded and filmed between Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey.
The song is written and composed by Salah Al-Kurdi, arranged by Elia Nasta, and the clip is directed by Sam Kayyal.

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