Saint-Vincent-Providence’s International Kindergarten Section

The American International Section of Saint-Vincent – ​​Providence offers a rigorous school program allowing students to learn the English language at a high level while benefiting from a cultural formation of great openness.

Our ambition goes beyond quality bilingual education. Bicultural education in Literature and History-Geography allows children to discover the diversity of our current world, and thus to develop their curiosity by offering them the dual perspective of French and Anglo-Saxon pedagogies.

The establishment is labeled international openness

The courses offered

The American International Section begins in kindergarten in MS for bilingual or English-speaking students (G1) and in CM1 for French-speaking students (G2) meeting the conditions to join the section.

The teachers provide teaching based on the best American and English teaching methods, so as to bring the students to the level required for entry into 6th grade, both in writing and speaking, and in American history.

The SIA Family Network

Subjects in English

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