Saint-Paul, innovative city in terms of integration and job retention of disabled workers

The third Deputy of Saint-Paul delegated to the management of municipal staff, Sébastien GUYON, is participating this Thursday, October 14, 2021 in the Local Committee of the Fund for the Integration of People with Disabilities in the Public Service (FIPHFP) at the University of St Denis.

The Sub-Prefect for Social Cohesion, Camille DAGORNE, chairs this Committee. This body validates employment projects for people with disabilities.

The Sous-Préfète congratulated the community and its services for their efforts. Saint-Paul has been qualified as an “innovative city” in the field of its human resources policy related to disability.

The actions undertaken for the recruitment of young apprentices benefiting from the recognition of the quality of disabled worker was welcomed by the FIPHFP.

Saint-Paul, a caring and inclusive city, is stimulating a new dynamic in the integration of people with disabilities. The Municipality makes improving the quality of working life of its agents a priority.

The aim is to recruit, support and maintain employees with disabilities. This proactive policy allows the City of Saint-Paul to approach the 6% rate of obligation to employ disabled workers.

The opportunity for the elected Saint-Paulois to present the new agreement renewed with the FIPHFP for the period 2021 to 2024. This local committee unanimously adopted this agreement with the municipality.

“We talk a lot about legal obligation, about beneficiaries of employment obligations… Let’s not stop at these terms! Our City will go further than this 6% target. For our municipality, this is not a legal obligation: it is a moral obligation of support! », Stated with determination the chosen one, Sébastien GUYON.

The community is committed to an incentive process for recruiting apprentices with disabilities. Saint-Paul, a human and united city, was a pioneer in the “Prépak’R” experiment. This commitment was rewarded with the H gold trophy.

Saint-Paul will restructure and double its disability reference unit within all of its services to increase responsiveness and report any alerts. Several guidelines are included in this new convention to better communicate on disability.

The community will use all of its digital channels, both internally and externally. All these tools will make it possible to disseminate messages to change mentalities forever.



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