Saint Malo. The traders are busy to animate the centers

Every year, Claire Guinemer, from the fishmonger of the same name, who works and lives Intra-muros, in Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine), decorates his balcony. “This year, I wanted to see other inhabitants of the Intra develop this Christmas spirit. “

This period will indeed be special in the streets of Intra, with cafes and restaurants closed, an empty Chateaubriand square, no skating rink, no Christmas market or Advent Windows.

Santa’s hood is filling up

“Activities with which the association of Intra traders was associated”, says Thierry Huon, the president of the Imca. A few days ago, the former assistant in charge of sports had the idea to win a seafood platter with a lobster, on the most beautiful balcony, at the most beautiful window in the buildings of the walled city… It brings together around fifteen people of all ages (the youngest is 3 years old) to stroll in the streets, from December 15 to 31, and spot a lucky winner.

But the story does not end there. Other traders, having heard of the affair, decide to join Claire Guinemer to fill Santa’s basket. “The La Corniche restaurant, on the Sillon, offers an aperitif. L’Entracte, a dinner for one. The wine merchant The sea to drink, a bottle. Penn Foll, the new florist, a voucher of 35 €. Soap Island, a small basket of its products ”, details the regional advisor, who invites other traders to increase this hood.

At the end of the year, the lucky winner will receive all of their content. So everyone to your decorations! They will be added to the city’s illuminations on the ramparts, launched on Friday, November 27.

In Saint-Servan, decorations, more beautiful showcase …

“The Servannaise Commercial Union organizes events every year. This year, there will be no show or carriage, and we are waiting for an authorization for the merry-go-round, explains Valérie Le Saux, president of the association, and manager of the shop Des Mains en or. But the member traders wanted to organize Christmas in Saint-Servan, to brighten up this month of December. “

The novelty is the purchase of two large light decorations of 2.40 m and 1.40 m, with a “North Pole” sign, Place du Maréchal-Leclerc, at the top of rue Ville-Pépin. “This play will light up at the end of the day, every day, along with the City’s decorations in the streets. “ Decorative barley sugars, manufactured by the Commercial Union, are already placed on the posts of the sidewalks of Ville-Pépin and Georges-Clemenceau streets.

Every day from 1is by December 24, Bob the Snowman will be hiding in a different window. The first customer to find it will receive a gift from the store. “This is our Advent calendar”, smiles Valérie Le Saux. A game, organized in shops, will allow customers to win vouchers of € 20 and € 100. They will also be able to vote for the most beautiful showcase on the Facebook page of the Servannaise Trade Union. And three shops, including Little Home and Acuitis, will collect games and toys for the benefit of the Secours populaire de Saint-Malo.

A competition at Paramé

Paramé commerce and culture is also organizing a competition, from December 15 to 31, with a ticket to fill out at the merchants and prizes to be won. “They make a particular effort on the decorations of the windows, to bring a little good humor in this context, underlines Cécile Essirard-Roux, president of the commercial union. The City also offers a musical soundtrack, broadcast in the streets. And we are awaiting authorization to offer carriage rides around December 19. “



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