Saint-Juery. A hiking trail inaugurated on the paths of local history

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A new hiking trail has been inaugurated from La Trencade. It will delight walkers.

On behalf of the municipality, and in the presence of David Donnet and several other elected officials, Didier Buongiorno made an introductory statement, to underline the work of Claudie Bou, who has traced many paths, that of Saint-Juéry Patrimoine, very active also, and that of the municipal services which carried out the various material arrangements. Starting from La Trencade, this route is dotted with remarkable points, in an open book of local heritage. Then the “rampalhon des Claudis”, the esplanade of the ramparts, the wash house from the beginning of the last century, are the first discoveries of this excursion. We will then discover the Grifol fountain, the dovecote at the foot of Jean-Claude’s mule, then the Saint-Georges church. Here is now the passage of the portanelle, the descent of the Costa dei Biscons, named after a former mayor. The war memorial, centenary this year, Place Costes, rue Jean-Jaurès and its fountain.

Rue Bleue and the pestle, witness of industrial activity. We see the valve factory, and go down towards the Arthès bridge. On the left, the red brick castle, where drinking water is drawn, then the Saut de Sabo viewpoint and the power station. The breathtaking view of the industrial buildings and all the evocation that can be done. We reach the Mitterrand park and the Massenet house, and, very close, to Catussou, the Austrian house. In an excursion accessible to all, our passes bring together several centuries of local history.

SJAO: invitation to the general financial meeting. The SJAOXV will hold its general annual financial meeting on Monday, December 12, 2022, at 7 pm, at the Maison du Rugby, Louis-Rey stadium, in Saint-Juéry. All club licensees are invited to participate in the submission of the 2021-2022 season accounts, which will then be submitted for their approval. Only last season’s licensees will be called to vote.

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