Saint-Céré Hospital: Caution is Necessary Despite Green Lights

Update on the announced cap on the remuneration of contract or temporary doctors.

Dominique Bizat, president of the Supervisory Board of the Saint-Jacques hospital, Yves Godard, director of the hospital center, and Doctor Franck Picot, president of the medical commission of the establishment, communicate: “With the implementation on 3 April 2023 of the ceiling on the remuneration of contract or temporary doctors (article 33 of the so-called RIST law), concerns are being expressed here and there about the continuation of the activity of our local hospital. We would like to reassure the population about the maintenance of this public health service, which is essential for the 48,000 inhabitants of our living area bordering Corrèze and Cantal. The Emergency department and its technical platform (particularly radiology), the mobile emergency and resuscitation department (SMUR triggered by 15), the general medicine department, the medical care and rehabilitation department (formerly SSR), the specialized consultation platform and the local perinatal centre, the mobile palliative care team, the long-term care unit (USLD) and the EHPAD will continue their mission of welcoming patients and residents. Of course, the capping of medical remuneration in public hospitals for non-tenured doctors organized by the law aimed at improving the health system through confidence and simplification can lead everywhere in France to practitioners leaking to the private sector and therefore to closures of services when the number of hospital practitioners proves to be insufficient. This is currently not the case at the Saint-Céré hospital, where this situation was anticipated and where the contracts were renewed prior to the application of the law. The same applies to our knowledge in all the establishments of the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire du Lot. We remain vigilant, however, on the situation of local hospitals located in rural areas where access to the supply of care remains linked to the mobilization of health professionals and elected officials. From our point of view, the caps should be revised upwards in line with these specific operating conditions. »

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