Safronov, the leader of the “Psychic Struggle”, got into a major scandal and was fired

Sergei Safronov, one of the leaders of the show “Struggles of Extrasens”, was fired from the show because he took money for various instructions that helped to complete the tasks, reports “”.

Extraordinary Alina Berdish has compiled evidence that reveals Sergei Safronov’s actions behind the scenes of the show. She revealed on her Youtube channel that she has records of conversations, bank transfer receipts, as well as text messages about the sold orders. Safronov promised Alina that with his help the psychic would reach the final.

The illusionist demanded 600 thousand rubles for the test where you have to feel behind the wall, and 900 thousand rubles for finding a person in the trunk, he assessed each subsequent stage with 200 thousand rubles.

For example, in order to understand in which car line a person is hiding, it was necessary to look in which hand the illusionist is holding the person’s belongings in the trunk. However, the color of the car depended on which finger ring he changed. Sergei provided information to psychics not only about the tasks and celebrities participating in the show, but also about other drivers.

Upon learning of what was going on, the TV channel “ТТТ” unanimously decided to dismiss Safronov.

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