Safe Ways to Breastfeed during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Breast milk (ABOUT) are the exclusive needs of infants during the first six months of life. Breast milk provides adequate and complete nutrition and protection against various diseases.

It’s just that this is a dilemma for mothers in the midst of a pandemic Covid-19, especially those who are infected.

In the press release received, General Practitioner of Lactation Consultant, Meutia Ayuputeri Kumaheri, said that until October 2020, the corona virus had not been detected in breast milk.

However, the transmission of the virus that causes respiratory illness through breast milk is low, so the World Health Organization (WHO) still provides recommendations for mothers with acute respiratory infections (ARI) and Covid-19 to continue breastfeeding.

Researchers are still conducting research and conducting further studies on pregnant and breastfeeding women who are confirmed by Covid-19.

A mother who is positive or is suspected of being infected with Covid-19 in independent isolation can breastfeed and implement the following steps to ensure the safety of the baby from transmission of the disease:

1. Wash hands and clean utensils

Wash hands before contact with infants, pumping equipment and baby drinking utensils

Follow all instructions for cleaning pumping and baby feeding equipment.

Mothers do not need to clean breast skin regularly before breastfeeding or expressing breast milk.

However, if you cough or sneeze on the skin of the breast, the mother can immediately bathe and clean the area of ​​breast skin with soap and running water for 20 seconds, before breastfeeding.

2. Use a face mask

When breastfeeding a baby, use a face mask. Change the mask if it’s damp or wet. When wearing and removing the mask, avoid touching the front of the face.

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Then, throw away the disposable mask immediately after it is no longer used.

3. Find a breastmilk donor

If the mother has to be in separate care with the baby, look for information regarding breastfeeding donors or healthy people who can provide breastmilk to the baby.

Healthy people who care for and give expressed breastmilk to their babies should follow the same health protocols as mothers.

4. Clean the house regularly

Cleanliness in the house is also important to maintain. Clean the surface area of ​​the furniture in the house with cleaning fluid regularly.

5. Check and consult with experts

If the mother is in doubt, you can consult a professional who can guide breastfeeding in a Covid-19 condition

In addition, when the mother feels symptoms of Covid-19 such as fever, headache, cough, runny nose, sore throat, and others, immediately consult a doctor.

Choose a health facility for doctor or lactation consultations that adhere to strict health protocols.


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