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  • Monday, 19 October 2020 | 08:28 WIB
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DRIVE by car need to be careful not to catch the virus Covid-19. This is because cars are one of the places at risk of Covid-19 transmission.

dr. Citra Cesilia, Sp.A, said driving by private car is the best option. However, not everyone has a private car.

There are also many online taxi users so passengers must pay attention to a few tips to avoid Covid-19 in the car. This step was revealed by dr. Citra Cesilia via her personal Instagram account.

“Make sure we go through health protocols 3M (keep your distance, use a mask, wash your hands) before-during-after traveling. Open all windows by 3 inches, sit cross-legally between the driver and passenger, reduce contact and interaction, avoid touching the cabin surface, “wrote Dr. Citra Cesilia.

So, so that you are protected from transmission of the Corona virus when driving a car, apply the following tips as a precautionary measure.

1. Must Wear Masks

When traveling or leaving the house in the midst of a pandemic, we are obliged to wear a mask. Wearing a mask is believed to be able to ward off droplets or liquid splashes that mediate the corona virus.

Use a health mask or cloth mask. You can wash cloth masks after use and can be used again afterwards.

2. Wash hands before and after driving

Diligently cleaning hands is one of the most recommended preventive measures to prevent transmission of the Corona virus. Hands that reflexively like to touch the face, especially the eyes, nose and mouth are the most effective medium for transmitting the virus.

Therefore, keep your hands clean. Clean your hands before and after driving a car. Wash your hands with soap in running water or use hand sanitizer which contains 60 percent alcohol.

3. Clean Frequently Touched Car Parts

This part is usually a car component that is often touched by the driver or passenger, such as the steering wheel, buttons on the dashboard, seat belts, handrails, power window buttons, gear lever, and door handles.

Therefore, you have to clean these components often. However, what you have to pay attention to is how to clean it. Not all components can be treated the same.

Avoid using bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the inside of the car. Because, although it can kill viruses, but liquid bleach can damage the car upholstery.

4. Spray the exterior with a disinfectant

The exterior of the car or the exterior also needs attention. To keep this section clean, you can spray disinfectant liquid. Spray this liquid before you leave and once you get home from traveling.

5. Drive As Planned

One thing that is no less important to avoid transmission of the Corona virus while driving is to drive according to plan. You certainly have goals and reasons when you have to leave home in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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