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sadness on América TV for what Luis Ventura announced through tears SHOW El Intransigente

Very strong. This was what was lived in America TV, more precisely in the specials that Virginia Gallardo leads on the life of Ricardo Fort. The great protagonist of the program was Luis Ventura, who decided to tell his own story related to the chocolate entrepreneur, unable to hold back his tears and looking really excited in front of the cameras.

«I am a cheek, but I have the luxury of having Mr. Luis Ventura as a guest. Thanks for being “, began assuring the blonde. «For Ricardo on more than one occasion I have had to go to the media that have called me. I had an emotional relationship, a memory with my dad, I don’t know if I won’t break down … Emotional memory doesn’t betray you, for me the memory of Ricardo is very special. Of someone that I did not even look for in life, I did not even know who he was. I never wanted to have the contact, the theater. He came to look for me, called me, insisted … », said the journalist.

“When I went to talk to him, because we didn’t know each other, he started to cry because Virginia was leaving. At that moment I wanted to kill you, I said ‘this guy is going to cry all summer and I’m going to have to put up with him’. For me, Ricardo was a brother who I discovered late, when I realized that he wanted … by gestures he had, for example when I fought with Rial on the air, I left the program, I left the Intruders, I had already collected the half, and I did not want them to say that I was going for twine, “he commented.

Visibly mobilized, Luis Ventura he continued with his story. «He paid me the entire contract, even if I didn’t work, it seemed like a gesture… I was moved, when my father passed away, he knew why we had talked about our parents. He wanted many of the things that I had experienced with my dad. My father was talking to him when we debuted, and we don’t know how he hugged him. It wasn’t just another hug… when he died, my father had asked me not to watch over him, because he didn’t want to make anyone cry, “he said.

«I closed the wake, an austere wake in Lanús. The guy from the Cochería called me and said ‘Ventura, I can’t continue with the wake, close it because there are like 100 people asking to see their dad.’ I changed and left, I opened, I met people who had come from Uruguay, Chile, around 3 in the morning Ricardo arrived. He stayed until dawn and told me ‘I never went to a wake.’ I was left with the medal that the only wake he went to was that of my old man. I appreciated it, ”Ventura said.

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