Sadalsky revealed the unknown granddaughter of Vysotsky

In the tape of Stanislav Sadalsky on the social network Instagram appeared very interesting pictures. One of them captures the famous Soviet actor and bard Vladimir Vysotsky. In a rare picture that Stanislav managed to get, he is captured with his former lover, actress of the Taganka Theater Tatyana Ivanenko.

The romantic relationship of the bard and actress began in 1966 and lasted more than one year. Moreover, Sadalsky also found a photograph of the granddaughter of Vladimir Vysotsky, which is unknown to the general public. The girl’s name is Arina. She is now 21 years old.

“He knows and is proud of his relationship with Vysotsky,” he wrote in a publication.

Recall that Stanislav Sadalsky is a popular personality on social networks. All thanks to various acting stories, which he knows a great many. He is also active on the socio-political agenda, because of which he often suffers. Recently Stanislav toldthat his Instagram is blocked. And now he has created a new page under a new account.

Sadalsky revealed the unknown granddaughter of Vysotsky

Granddaughter of Vladimir Vysotsky


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