Sada Al-Balad: Surprises with the arrival of the International Electrification Card and its enrollment in Al-Ahly’s list

During the past few hours, news broke out regarding the arrival of the Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba card, the Al-Ahly International player, via the system, in the Football Association, in preparation for his enrollment in the Red Genie List during the current January transfers.

Al-Ahly club is awaiting the arrival of the international card of the player in preparation for his registration in the winter Mercato, after the player was booked on the team’s journey to face the Platinum Stars team in the group stage of the African Champions League after Al-Ahly managed to obtain services to elect the Zamalek player using his crisis with Al Abyad and his refusal to stay inside the white castle and travel to fight Professional experience in the Portuguese League lasted only several months.

Sada Al-Balad publishes the truth about the arrival of the international player card through the system of the Football Association and the beginning of the crisis.

Winter Mercato door opened
The Football Affairs Committee of Players Affairs decided to open the winter registration door for clubs wishing to register new players to support their ranks, as of the beginning of this month according to the instructions of the International Football Association (FIFA), provided that the registration continues for a full month, which means that the door is closed on January 31.

And allowed the Football Association to allow clubs to register 30 players in the list of the current season that started last September 19, with no clubs restricting the registration of players born in the list of 97 players, and left the clubs the freedom to register any ages in the list provided that they do not exceed 30 players.

The beginning of the crisis
Last Wednesday, the Football Association sent a letter to the Portuguese club Avis, requesting that it send the international card of Al-Ahly player Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba in order to be included in the Al-Ahly list and allow him to participate with the team starting from the Egypt Club match scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, in the framework of the twelfth round in the Premier League. .

The Football Association also sent a letter to the International Football Association “FIFA” in order to inquire about the situation of electrification in terms of legal and regulations regarding players’ transfers in the presence of a complaint by the Zamalek Club against the player in the FIFA halls.

Syed Abdul Hafeez raises a crisis
Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly Club, sent a message to the five-party committee in charge of the Football Association’s administration headed by Amr Al-Janini after the end of the Red Team’s meeting against Egypt for clearing in the eleventh round of the league regarding the international card of Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba, the star of the newly joined Merkato Winter team.

Sayed Abdel-Hafeez confirmed, in statements to Al-Ahly channel, that one of the Egyptian clubs inquired about Kahraba, explaining that the documents submitted by the Egyptian club were incorrect and forged, as he demanded an immediate investigation into the matter.

Syed Abdul Hafeez added that strict penalties must be taken on that club, in addition to announcing his name in front of everyone, so that it becomes an example for any other club, stressing that if the documents are sound, the arrival of the international card will be delayed by 15 days.

The Gabaliya absolves Zamalek
A well-informed source inside the Football Association confirmed that Al-Zamalek club did not inquire about Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim “Kahraba”, the new Al-Ahly player, via the system.

The same source said that Zamalek’s inquiries about the player are carried out according to a mechanism and not in an ad hoc manner, where a registration form is submitted by the white castle and perused.

He pointed out that Al-Jabaliyya addressed the Portuguese Football Association in order to send the Avic club the international electrification card, in preparation for being registered in the January transfers, with the ranks of the Red Fort during the coming hours.

Al Jabaliyah reassures Al-Ahly
The management of Al-Ahly Club received assurances from the Football Association that there is no crisis in the registration of the player after the query that occurred on the “system” of the players’ registration, and that he will be credited without a problem upon the arrival of the temporary international card, at which time he is entitled to participate naturally with the team.

The past hours witnessed strong talks by the Football Association with his Portuguese counterpart in order to obtain the international card of Mahmoud Kahraba from his former team, Avis Portugal, and the Portuguese Football Association confirmed, according to an informed source within the Football Association, that he sent the international card during the next few hours.

Muhammad Fadl demands the poles to show restraint
Mohamed Fadl, a member of the Board of the Football Association, wished the calm of Al-Ahly and Zamalek club officials in the statements that they make sometimes in a hurry, in order to ensure the future of the Egyptian football and a continuation towards achieving the national goal that everyone wants to return to the league stands in accordance with the controls and standards set by the security authorities and a committee Competitions with giblets.

Mohamed Fadl responded to the statements made by the manager of the ball, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, regarding the attempt of one of the clubs to disrupt the registration of electrification in the list of the local team this January in preparation for pushing it into the official matches of the red team by inquiring about it on the Football Association system with forged papers.

Mohamed Fadl said: The Football Association deals with all clubs with transparency and Mr. Abdel Hafeez is an older brother and an intelligent person and he has to present evidence of his statements, especially that there is no crisis in this regard and I think that Captain Syed Khanh succeeded in this statement or he received a false information.

Mohamed Fadl stressed his wish in 2020 that the officials of the two big poles Al-Ahly and Zamalek should exercise caution in their statements in order to support the Egyptian football system and move forward towards returning the fans to the stands again in increasing numbers in line with the great success that happened in the African Cup of Nations for adults and the African Nations Youth Championship. Under 23 years old.

Surprises continue
An informed source inside the Football Association blew a heavy caliber surprise regarding the arrival of Mahmoud Abdel Moneim’s card, electrifying Al-Ahly International player and his registration in the winter Mercato.

The same source said that the Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim electrification card did not reach this moment through the system of the Committee for Players Affairs in the Football Association, denying all the reports that were received from Thursday about the arrival of the international player card in preparation for his registration in the list of the Red Castle during the current January transfers.

He pointed out that, as soon as the international card arrived via the transfer system of the players, this would be announced, noting that the Football Association addressed its Portuguese counterpart about the international player card.

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