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sad singer scared Russians with her appearance, latest news, details, Alla Pugacheva, Mikhail Zemtsov :: Show business :: Dni.ru

A new photo of Christina appeared on the web
Orbakaite with daughter Claudia Zemtsova. On it, the singer looks sad. Fans sounded the alarm.

Netizens have noticed
changes in the appearance of Christina Orbakaite. In a fresh shot, the singer looks like this
as if she had grief.

“Tears froze in my eyes, is she tired or is something wrong?
health, “wrote the artists who are not indifferent to the family of Russians.

Christina Orbakaite
really looks depressed in the photo, reports “7 days”. Maybe,
the point is fatigue. Some fans suggested that she
problems in marriage with the daughter’s father – Mikhail Zemtsov.

Note Christina Orbakaite held holiday
vacation at work. The singer had planned a lot of concerts and performances,
however, she also found time for her family.

The performer nevertheless decided to rest: she
planning a trip to a warm country. Recall last year Christina Orbakaite invited to
Philip Kirkorov’s trip to Mexico.


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