Sad news from the royal family: The final end!

As for the servants of the Dukes of Sussex, no one warmed up for too long. It started with personal assistant Meghan Melissa Tauaboti. And then they disappeared one by one. Reason? Working with Harry’s chosen one is said to be no easiest. Meghan rejects conservatism and forces people around her to do so, but they are used to traditional respect and loyalty.

Kate a Meghan at Wimbledonu:

Maybe that’s why Samantha Cohen, who had served the royal family for 17 years, resigned! She used to be one of the secretaries of Queen Elizabeth II. She couldn’t praise her. But apparently she couldn’t form an alliance with Meghan.

Despite her reputation, Prince Harry’s wife holds a number of celebrities. Her lawyers include Kim Kardashian. She is of the opinion that people should not expect the former royal couple to be perfect. But what she clearly emphasizes are their charitable activities, which, in her opinion, are changing the world.

Meghan Markle on coercion and life in the royal family:



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