Sad news from Slovakia. The promising runner Annamária (16) was to have an abortion

The promising runner Annamária Horváthová, who became pregnant at the age of only 16 and decided to keep her baby, was to have an abortion. The girl should still be in the hospital.

Annamaria, who won three years ago in a ballerina race, became pregnant at the age of 16. Although she seemed to be having an abortion so she could develop her sports career, she changed her mind at the last minute.

But now the sad news has come from a settlement near the town of Moldava in eastern Slovakia, where the girl lives in a hut with six siblings. Annamaria was to have an abortion. Portal information Plus confirmed her 38-year-old mother Isabel. “He’s still in the hospital. We don’t know when he’ll be home,” she said with tears in her eyes.

It was Isabella who was one of those who wanted Annamaria to have an abortion. “I really wanted her to go for the procedure, but she didn’t even want to hear about it,” she said some time ago. In the end, however, she planned to go to the mother alone after the baby was born so that her daughter could play sports.

Annamária drew attention to herself, as mentioned, already in 2018, when she won the school race in ballerinas and without socks. In addition, this year she won the title of youth champion of Slovakia in the 1500 meter run.



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