Sad, Feels Wrong Choose Husband Because It Is Considered Ugly, This Woman Chooses To Get Pregnant With An Ex-Girlfriend To Have 4 Children

Sosok.ID – A woman in Ghana revealed, she has a child from an ex-boyfriend because the husband is ugly.

Netizens in West Africa were excited about the story of a woman who married a successful and loving man.

Even so, her husband has a shortcoming in the form of his unattractive appearance.

At first, the narrator did not blame.

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Until, they tried to have children.

The woman confessed that she loved everything about her husband.

But on the other hand, he complained that he could not be prepared if the child he gave birth to turned out to be ugly.

The woman said every time she had sex with her husband, she would take birth control pills.

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They then went to a fertility clinic, and were known to be both equally fertile.

So, she had a plan to keep her husband from getting suspicious.

To the radio Ghana Words FM, she decided to contact her ex -boyfriend to give birth to an attractive child and make her husband happy.

The ex is said to be married, but he is reportedly okay with having another partner.

So it is not difficult for them to have an affair.

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To avoid trouble, the woman said she always reassured her mistress that she was taking birth control pills.

While on the other hand, she regularly has sex with her husband to convince his partner he managed to get her pregnant.

Reported Oddity Central Wednesday (8/9/2021), the strategy worked.

She said she had given birth to four healthy and attractive children.

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But now he’s starting to get into trouble. The reason is that the husband has the opportunity to apply for a United States (US) visa.

To be able to pass, they are all required to do a DNA test, which can reveal the fact that the four children are the result of an affair.

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Therefore, the woman decided to tell her story on the radio.

She asked whether to confess to her husband or wait for the test results to come out.

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