Sad Father in Bombana Beats His Child with Wood, Hear the Boy’s Screams!

FAJAR.CO.ID, BOMBANA — Viral on Twitter social media a father blindly beating his son with a tree trunk.

The incident occurred in Watumelomba Village, Watchunu District, Bombana Regency, Southeast Sulawesi on Wednesday 22 March 2023 at 13.00 WITA.

According to a video uploaded by the Twitter account @Daeng Info, a boy named Alif Saputra is still wearing brown school pants.

When he was beaten with wood, the 10-year-old boy kept asking for forgiveness and promised not to repeat his actions.

Twitter @Daeng_Info

Meanwhile, his father, Taming, continued to beat him mercilessly. It is suspected that the child made his parents worry because he left the house without permission and gave the news.

“It hurts, sir, I’m sorry, sir, it’s already eaten, sir, no noodles, it hurts, kill you. I don’t want you to come back,” groaned the child in Bugis language, quoted from the 45-second video, Wednesday (29/3/2023).

As if he didn’t care about the child’s moans and screams of pain, Taming continued to throw punches because he wanted to give a deterrent effect to his son and not repeat his violations.

“Making a tantrum, destroying it, do you still want to repeat it?” he said.

Also heard behind the camera, the voice of a woman who is suspected of being the child’s mother said her father had been looking for her since yesterday.

“Your father was dying looking for you yesterday,” he said.

Taming’s actions resulted in a written statement of apology after being handled by the police and the local village head.

Taming admitted that beating his son was wrong. He also promised not to repeat it again.

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