Sad! Dandy’s friends disrespected his funeral


Surprisingly few people gathered at the funeral of one of the most eccentric Bulgarians in the last 30 years – Lyubomir Milchev-Dandy, in the capital’s St. Petka Church. Most of those who pretended to be his “close friends” on social media were either not really like him, or “urgent commitments” prevented them from saying a final “goodbye” to Dandy.

Particularly saddened, however, was Joanna Spasova, who was the first to announce on Facebook that Dandy was dying at St. Anne’s Hospital. Only the head of the European cultural programs for our country in the Ministry of Culture, Mary Molevski, has registered the presence of the Bulgarian society.

In complete mourning came to say goodbye to the extravagant bohemian and erudite actress Casiel Noah Asher / Desi Krasova /, who hurried to leave the temple without comment.

The young musician Christopher Kem, Dandy’s constant companion for the past few years, had taken the place of honor in the funeral service. He was leaning on an elegant cane as his hands trembled with grief.

“As a musician, I see the world through sounds. For me, Dandy stayed in them. And he was a man of his word during his lifetime,” Christopher said through tears. He was in his mother’s company. The elegant lady forbade her child to be photographed and stressed that they did not come “to watch seir”, but to send a very close person for the last time.

“My brother was a good man. He had no enemies. I don’t know how this misfortune happened to him … And as a boy he was meek. His peers were still in gangs, and he stayed away,” Dandy’s older sister confided. She added that her brother’s funeral will be in Pernik, where the family has lived for a long time, in a small circle of close relatives.

Dandy’s ex-wife Julia Mineva arrived in a stylish black dress at the mourning ceremony. Although they have been separated for almost 10 years, she admitted that she is very sad for him and has no idea who the person who committed this crime may be. Julia, who graduated in culturology at Sofia University with Dandy, was accompanied by her brother Orlin Minev, a lawyer from Sofia. For “Bulgaria Today“He commented that” they have no information from the Interior Ministry and the investigation into the tragic incident. “” I know that on the fateful night he saw his acquaintances who offered to help him, but he refused and went home, “he added. the brother of Dandy’s ex-partner.

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