Sad championship. Czech Republic has the highest number of deaths per capita in the European Union Home

Prague Within the European Union, the Czech Republic has the largest case of coronavirus in the population per capita, now the situation of the mountains is, for example, in Austria, Slovenia and Poland. Nevertheless, there are other sad championships in the last two weeks, with the largest population in the Union per 100,000 inhabitants per 100,000 inhabitants.


The data are based on data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. This is an EU agency replaced, among other things, by the epidemiological control of communicable diseases.

According to the Ministry of Health, there were a total of 7095 people in the Czech Republic last Sunday who tested positive for coronavirus. The land crossed the seven thousand border into a bird. On Saturday and Sunday the fingers of the earth were lower, again the ministry registers 84 and on Saturday 52 earths. For the first time since June 18, they hit under a hundred. However, they may increase during subsequent updates.

Most of the time, the people with the covid died in the Czech Republic on November 3, when the ministry registered 258 deaths. Most of the time fell on the last month, the limit of 1000 obt was on June 10, on June 22, the number got over 2000.

Cumulative number of deaths in the last 14 days per 100 thousand inhabitants in EU countries
Zem died in 14 days per 100 thousand inhabitants
esk republika 23,4
Belgium 22,1
Bulgaria 17,2
Poland 14,3
Slovenia 14,0
March 13,6
Croatia 13,2
Itlie 13,1
France 12,5
Luxembourg 12,1


From the point of view of the whole world since the arrest of the pandemic, the Czech Republic has died in the sweat per 100,000 inhabitants in the 22nd city; Last week was the 25th city, the week before the 32nd city in the world, at the end of June it was around the 40th city.

Due to the high darkness in the first wave, it is globally in the population per capita in the best of Belgium and Peru. Belgium has a total of over 15 thousand feet, in the population per 100 people it is 126 feet.

Overview of the most affected countries in the world according to the number of inhabitants per 100 thousand inhabitants (countries with a population of more than 1 million)
Zem Number of inhabitants per 100 thousand inhabitants Total number of obt
Belgium 126 15 025
Peru 124 35 317
panlsko 89 42 039
Argentina 79 36 347
Brazlie 78 167 457

Source: Johns Hopkins University (JHU);

As of Sunday, tests in the Czech Republic showed 490,750 cases of coronavirus, of which 394,830 people spilled from the disease. Most of them are mild or asymptomatic. According to ptench, there are 6101 people with hospitals in hospitals, 860 of them are in that condition. Ob sla is the latest since June 25.



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