Sacha Kljestan on US shootings: ”It’s a vicious cycle and we’re not doing anything to stop it”

The 4th of July is a day of celebration in the United States but yesterday it turned into a day of mourning. A man opened fire near Chicago killing at least 6 people and injuring 26 others. This shooting comes a little more than a month after that of Ulvade in Texas. For several American personalities including sports stars, too much is enough.

Among them there is Sacha Kljestan. The former player of Sporting the difference is now active in Los Angeles Galaxy. Author of a sublime assist during the victory of his team 4-0 againstImpact Montrealthe former American international did not have the heart to celebrate: “What happened in Illinois makes me sick and I think we absolutely need to talk about gun control” plague the midfield. “It’s a vicious circle that keeps repeating itself and we’re doing nothing to stop it. Gentlemen of Congress, gentlemen of the Senators, do something. Our children are being shot and our only able to write “thoughts and prayers for the victims” on social networks but nothing changes. The government does nothing and then another person gets shot. I’m not a politician, just a simple citizen who fears for his children when they go to school. If you don’t want a gun control debate, you have a problem.”

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