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Sabile ‘s celebrities Gerda’ s guests at the dinner show experience spicy feelings Shows

This week, the show “Almost Ideal Dinner” is attended by four well-known people from Kurzeme – singer Intars Busulis living in Talsi, head of Sabile Culture House Gerda Zeberiņa, teacher Ieva Adams and the youngest member of the legendary group “Līvi” Henrijs Mucenieks. On the third evening, the guests were received by Gerda.

Sabile, the mistress of cultural life and local celebrity Gerda Zeberiņš, welcomed her guests to her home near the Pedvāle Open-Air Art Museum. His guests had taken care not only of dinner but also of entertainment.

The snack offered pieces of vegetables and chicken pinned to themed cardboard tables, while the main course was a grilled game with potatoes and zaptite.

At the table, the company not only discussed the issue of divination and marriage, but also talked on a rather playful bed.

From conversations to work, and after getting stuck, Gerda led her guests to entertainment in the city center of Sabile, so that diners would experience a little spicy feelings.

As the owner of the Sabile wooden toy museum Andris presented, this is a unique place in Latvia: “Here you can fuck, you can get a fuck on a golden planer bench.”

Setting an example for the others, Gerda was the first to plan, but Intars stood out with special skill. On the other hand, Ieva found the topic of fucking promising, but she did not think that the event would be limited to a few planes.

The point on the ‘i’ was the ice cream that the housewife had taken on the debt at the local shop and replaced the whipped cream that had fallen into the butter during the cooking process.

Gerda received a total of 28 points for the evening.

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