Sa Kaeo devotes money to buy COVID vaccine for people Waiting for the government to approve Buy immediately

Sa Kaeo devotes money to buy COVID vaccine for people Waiting only for the government to approve local purchases Build confidence among the people Have immunity to disease

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On January 13, 64, Mr Wanchai Nareerak, Mayor of Wang Nam Yen, Sa Kaeo Province, said that Wang Nam Yen Municipality is ready to prepare a budget for the purchase of the COVID-19 vaccine for people in the Wang Nam Yen Municipality. And purchasing this anti-COVID vaccine It is a measure to cope with a new wave of epidemic situations at this time. Which is also a matter that affects the quality of life of everyone greatly

Especially local people were also affected. This time is considered to build confidence among the people. Have immunity, can prevent disease and can return to normal life, happy, worry-free, able to return to life as before again And to help the government in purchasing the vaccine for the people thoroughly

“The Wang Nam Yen municipality itself Have an accumulated budget for immediate action. If the government approves the local area to purchase And considered as an emergency Caused by dangerous communicable diseases by law During this time, Wang Nam Yen municipality Still emphasizes publicity throughout all homes To cooperate in implementing measures to take care of yourself and your family.

To maintain a distance Wear a medical mask or cloth mask. Wash your hands often with soap or alcohol gel. And refrain from traveling to vulnerable areas We are convinced that this crisis Will pass quickly And brothers and sisters will be happy again, “said Wanchai.

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