Ryanne van Dorst: ‘I only do Ranking the Stars for the money’

Ninety percent of television requests are rejected by Ryanne. “When I Sex! had just made, my name was suddenly in the gender drawer and I was invariably called by WELL, Jinek of Peacock when a topic related to it came up. So I don’t like that. “But when Paul de Leeuw calls, she is ready to go to the studio.

“I only participate in programs that I can learn or that seem interesting to me,” she explains. “I think that’s more important than money. Very rarely do I do something just for the money, such as Ranking the Stars. But that was also because of Paul de Leeuw. If he calls, I’ll show up. “

A condition for getting Ryanne into a program is that she would like to be better or wiser herself. Or that she can learn something from it. “I hope that my programs will help people to think more about who they want to be and how they want to live, so that they can make better choices. Because if you only know half life, half the truth, you cannot make a real choice. . “

In any case, Paul picked up the phone to get Ryanne on for the latest season of Ranking the Stars, where she makes razor-sharp remarks as usual.

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