Ryanair warns of “drastically higher” airfare prices next year

The executive director of the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair – Michael O’Leary, warned that air ticket prices will increase dramatically next year, as people will want to fly in Europe more and more. Especially next summer, European media reported.

According to forecasts, the huge demand for holidays will coincide with fewer flights, which automatically means an increase in airfare. This will probably apply to all other airlines.

The airline has suspended negotiations on Boeing’s tens of billions of dollars

The airline had to buy 75 737 Max aircraft

In an interview with The Sunday Times, O’Leary commented:

“I think next year there will be a dramatic recovery in tourism around the world and especially in Europe. And the reason I believe prices will be drastically higher is that because of the crisis and the pandemic, airlines have much less capacity. “.

Here are some examples. Thomas Cook has reduced its aircraft by 6 million seats, Flybe by eight million, Norwegian Airlines by nearly 24 million seats. Alitalia reduced its fleet by as much as 40%.

That is, there will be about 20% less short-distance capacity in Europe in 2022 with a dramatic recovery in demand.



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