Ryanair demands refunds for covid flights – what’s going on

Loukoster Ryanair stopped providing air services to customers who had not previously used flights due to COVID restrictions and received a refund for this. The company claims that these people illegally returned their money.

This is reported by the edition Lowcost… After the quarantine restrictions were imposed last year, some passengers have refrained from travel due to the recommendations of the authorities.

After that, Ryanair notes, they canceled the money transactions on the card instead of the low-cost airline processing the refund on its own. The airline called this method of refunding money illegal and demanded to return the debt.

It is noted that passengers were allowed to book new flights without any problems, but when they tried to check in, they found out about their debt. For example, Irish woman Ursula Berry received a message that she must return 210 euros for a ticket that she did not use in September 2020.

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Ryanair emphasizes that passengers purchased tickets, the funds for which are not refundable, and the flights were operated on schedule. “These few passengers must pay off their debts before they can again fly Ryanair,” the airline said.

As reported OBOZREVATEL, Wizz Air is planning in the period 2021-2022. launch 26 new flights – from Kiev, Lvov, Odessa and Kharkov. New flights will be introduced with Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Note, October 12 Ukraine and the EU signed an agreement on “open skies”.


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