Ryan Reynolds speaks on Elon Musk’s new Twitter

What concerns does Ryan Reynolds have with Elon Musk’s Twitter? The actor talks about social networks for a long time.

Ryan Reynolds rated Elon Musk’s new Twitter. Talking with AP entertainment, the Marvel Studios actor offered his take on the concerns surrounding the American mogul’s recent takeover of the social network. These statements came as he was promoting his new holiday collaboration with Will Ferrell, titled Spirited.

Actor Ryan Reynolds shared his belief the social media mainstay was and always will be a dumping ground. But that doesn’t matter to him, whether Elon Musk is there or not. “I don’t know, I see it as Twitter is, is and always will be a dump,” he said. “And I like dumpster fires because there’s something wrong with me.” Extending the Deadpool 3 star’s metaphor about the dumpster fire, his co-star Octavia Spencer chimed in to add, “And I’m a firefighter.”

For the actor, changes are a common thing in life

Ryan Reynolds went on to point out that while it seems like platforms like Twitter are everything right now after the Elon Musk purchase, history has shown that these social networks come and go, like anything in life. “Exactly,” the actor said. “But who knows? We have to play by ear. We’ll see where it all goes. I was around when MySpace and Friendster were all the rage. Social media platforms (seems like Twitter and TikTok are everything right now) are things that they come and go, like everything in life.

Elon Musk revealed this in court a few weeks ago He never wanted to be CEO of any company., despite currently holding positions in Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX. The tech mogul added that he plans to appoint a new CEO for the social media giant shortly, as he only plans to fill the position temporarily. It seems Ryan Reynolds doesn’t care.

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