Ryan Reynolds documents his CRP on Instagram with his usual sense of humor

December 25th


by the lone ranger

Ryan Reynolds She is one of those celebrities who unconditionally has the affection and sympathy of the public. And, apart from his roles in popular films like ‘Deadpool’, the actor is one of the funniest Hollywood personalities And he has become a star on Instagram, where he garners more than 36 million followers, thanks to his keen sense of humor.

The Canadian never misses an opportunity to bring out his wit and irony, and his latest demonstration in this regard has been accompanied by an experience that many people have had to undergo over the last few months: the PCR test. The actor is ready to return to the movie sets, but before starting the filming of his new project, the Netflix movie ‘Red Notice’, he had to undergo a rapid test for the coronavirus. A soundly painful process that Reynolds has not hesitated to describe in his own particular way on social networks.

The actor posted a day ago on his Instagram profile three photographs that collect the moment in which the test was submitted. In the first image, he is seen sitting, smiling, while the sanitary in charge of carrying out the task presents in his hand the swab that he is about to introduce into the artist’s nose. In the second snapshot, the moment of extraction is recorded, and in the third the actor’s reaction is captured immediately after the instrument is removed, and that perfectly portrays the discomfort experienced during the process.

In addition to the sequence of images (taken by the actor’s wife, Blake Lively), Reynolds wrote a summary of what it means to face this test: “Back to work with ‘Red Notice’. The Covid test is quick and easy. The doctor places the swab in your nose, deep enough to tickle your childhood memories, and then it’s over. No matter what you tell him, he won’t ask you to dinner first“, He declared showing off his famous sense of humor.

In the comments, the jokes have not been lacking either, nor the anecdotes and opinions of other celebrities who have gone through the same thing. Among the messages left in the post stands out that of the creator of ‘Deadpool’, the cartoonist and comic editor Rob Liefeld, who has made a request that many Reynolds fans are sure to fully support: Please write a book. You write the best things. A biography. Fiction. Self help. A cookbook. Do it”.

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