Ryan Gosling Responds to Criticism of Playing Ken in Barbie Movie with Margot Robbie

Next month, the film “Barbie” by Greta Gerwig (39) will be released on cinema screens worldwide, with Margot Robbie (32) and Ryan Gosling (42) in the lead roles as Barbie and Ken.

Now, however, fans have noticed a detail that is making the internet boil. Something Gosling himself hits back hard at.

“Too ugly and too old”

On Twitter, it seems that several people believe that Ryan Gosling is too old to step into the role of the popular doll.

“Ryan Gosling is too ugly and too old to play Ken, they should have given the role to Cavill or Cris Evans, hate,” reads one, while another writes:

“I like Ryan Gosling, but I don’t know why he looks a little too old and a little too dry. Not sure if it’s because of the hair or the tan, but he needs some moisture.”

CRITICISM: Many believe that Ryan Gosling is too old to play Ken in the new film “Barbie”. Photo: Freeman

In a brand new interview with GQ, Gosling downplays the criticism. He thinks it’s funny that people care so much about this, despite the fact that no one cared about Ken in the first place.

– Suddenly they say “no, we cared about Ken the whole time”. No, you didn’t. You never did. Barbie never slept with Ken, that’s the whole point, he says in the interview.

The actor thinks it’s all hypocritical and justifies it by saying that if the fans really cared about Ken, they would know that no one cared about Ken.

– So their hypocrisy has been exposed. That is why his story must be told, the actor believes.

– I care about Ken

Although Gosling believes that no one cares about Ken, he jokes that he feels he represents the character.

– I care about this guy now. I am like his representative.

Despite the fact that many people think Gosling is too old to play Ken, he is getting support from other fans.

“I like Ryan Gosling as Ken”. Nobody cared about Ken and now suddenly everyone cares if it’s a 40-year-old playing him?”, writes a fan on Twitter.

“Ken is technically 62 years old, Ryan Gosling is only 42. So let’s not talk about who is too old to play him,” says another.

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