RW Darmstadt cannot maintain the dominance

The Darmstadt team came to a draw in Großkrotzenburg in the Verbandsliga Süd with a weak replacement. The game of SV Münster has to be postponed at short notice.

DARMSTADT – In the Bundesliga, RW Darmstadt had to settle for a 1-1 draw against Germania Großkrotzenbürg. The game between TS Ober-Roden and SV Münster was postponed to May 11th after suspected corona cases near Münster.

Germania Großkrotzenburg – RW Darmstadt 1: 1 (0: 1). After the Darmstadt team had four more corona failures, the game was on the brink for a long time. In the end, the game was still played, but the situation could hardly have been worse in terms of personnel. “The squad was so thin that we shouldn’t have missed another player, it was top of the line,” said coach Dominik Lohrer about the general conditions.

In the first round, however, the guests dominated despite the meager squad, but only Sancak (31st) was successful. Tala, Damm and Mustefa each missed top-class chances, which should take revenge. After the break, Darmstadt could not maintain their dominance, but a mistake by the guests started the goal: Fröb (84th) made it 1-1 after a back pass that was too short. “We tried the best and Germania was in good rhythm. You don’t know what the point is good for in the end, but it showed once again how strong all the teams in the league are,” Lohrer continued.

RW Darmstadt: Scholz – Baldes, Noel Wembacher, Bohn, Konjicija – Mustefa, Gruner, Damm (74th Thar), Sancak – Tala, Pepe.

Goals: 0: 1 Sancak (31st), 1: 1 Fröb (84th). Red card: Bucma (90+2/Germania). Referee: Hess (Heppenheim). Spectators: 200.

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