Ruzyně Airport will lay off a fifth of its employees by the end of the year

“Despite all the efforts and efforts, Prague Airport is forced to start reducing jobs again, gradually by the end of 2020 by approximately 150 positions. These are operational and administrative positions, ” told the server spokesperson for Prague Airport Kateřina Pavlíková.

The airport’s economic performance is falling as a result of the global covid-19 pandemic. Last year, Prague Airport earned 4.54 billion crowns.

The head of the board of directors, Václav Řehoř, said in September on the program Otázky Václava Moravec that the estimate of this year’s loss of Prague Airport of 200 million crowns is too optimistic.

The covid crisis had the greatest impact on the operation of the airport in April, when 5,031 people passed through its gates, which was 99.6 percent less year-on-year. At that time, there were only two regular flights at the airport – to Minsk in Belarus and Sofia in Bulgaria.

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