Růžiček’s points were defeated by Vary. We pushed forward and they waited for it, said the productivity leader

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

At the beginning of the second twenty minutes, Třinec was already leading 2: 0, but he did not keep the lead. “We were better for most matches, but Vary gave us goals from what they are strong from, from counterattacks. It’s a pity, we had it played well, but in the end we take the two points, “said Růžička.

The most productive player of the extra league regretted the wasted lead, which the Steelers gained with two used power-ups. The first was used by captain Petr Vrána after the impressive back of Růžička with a hundred points in the Třinec jersey, the second was added by Růžička himself.

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However, the favorite did not keep the lead. In the second part, Jiří Kulich used the young on the defensive to reduce the draw, and Ondřej Beránek secured a valuable point after another mistake in the middle zone. “Instead of playing on the defensive, we try to push forward and they waited for it,” Růžička explained why the decision had to be made in overtime.

Třinec lost a promising lead, but eventually rejoiced in overtime

“We wanted to add a third goal and bounce them off again, but sometimes it’s counterproductive. We could have played some situations better, “pointed out the leader from Třinec.

The West Czechs did not complete the turnaround. Two minutes before the end of the set-up, Erik Hrňa decided on Třinec’s second home win in a row after Růžička’s pass. “I guess we lost it in the power play today,” said the Karlovy Vary Benjamin, a 17-year-old forward Jiří Kulich.

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“We lack productivity in powerlifting. We have to score a goal in those, which didn’t work out today. We have a problem with that, so we have to work on it, “continued the three-goal Kulich this season.

Only Jiří Černoch and Tomáš Vondráček are better in the Energy team, but they were missing in Třinec. Black man due to injury, Captain Vondráček due to disciplinary punishment. “Jirka is the main leader, Tomáš is the same. We lack a lot in those key situations, “Kulich admitted.

Třinec players are rejoicing at the third, winning goal in overtime. From left: Tomáš Marcinko, goal author Erik Hrňa and Martin Růžička.

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

Třinec had a significant shooting advantage in the match, but he could still lose. After Ondřej Beránek’s equalizer, in the third part the guests lost the fourth numerical advantage in the match. “It simply came to our notice then. Unfortunately, we did not play power play well. We had a problem getting into the zone, they were great in defending it and we had a problem with that, “Kulich explained.



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