Ruzha Ignatova with a mansion for BGN 30 million in London

Ruzha Ignatova with a mansion for BGN 30 million in London. The revelations come from an investigation by Jamie Bartlett and Rob Byrne of the BBC.

Two years ago, Bulgaria entered the world news after the United States accused Ruzha and Konstantin Ignatovi of money laundering. It is about the activity of a network of companies behind the name OneCoin – the eponymous Bulgarian cryptocurrency, which has brought its founders nearly 4 billion in profits in recent years.

Kensington is one of the most prestigious and expensive areas in the heart of London. The authors describe in detail in the publication the way to the apartment with four bedrooms and a pool with a movable roof in the building known as “Abbots House”.

A money laundering process in Germany sheds light on the purchase of a luxury penthouse in London.

The penthouse was renovated by luxury property developers after a fire broke out while the house was owned by singer Duffy.

The purchase was probably made in 2016, when security guards of the building remember how the new owner literally crowded the apartment with expensive purchases. During the same Ruzha Ignatova opened an office in the exclusive building number 1 of Kingsbridge and celebrated her 36th birthday with a lavish party at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is not far from here.

The BBC publication is illustrated with photos of the interior by the real estate agency that rents out the apartment, one of which even shows a decorative porcelain plate with the image of Ruzha Ignatova.

The investigation established that there was another smaller one-bedroom apartment for 1.9 million pounds in the building, in which their security guard lived.

After Ruzha Ignatova disappeared, Abbots House 11 appears to have taken on a different function – it served as a secret repository, which BBC sources say there were two large safes at one point.

The existence of these properties in London is interesting news for millions of victims of the OneCoin fraud, who want Rouge’s assets to be sold and the proceeds to be distributed among investors.



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