Rutulis celebrates the release of his fourth remix album “Opus domi” at the party

Andris Ērglis, Normunds Pauniņš, Jānis Stībelis, Sabīne Berezina and Aivo Oskis, Ivo Grīsniņš-Grīslis, Rūta Dūduma-Ķirse, Mārtiņš Ruskis, Toms Kalderauskis, group Franco Franco, Linda Rutule and Oskars Petrausk were also among the guests of the event.

Guests enjoyed meals and drinks in a fun atmosphere. He gladly sang alongside Rutulis’ remixes and posed for joint photographs.

Along with the day of the release of “Opus domi”, which means “homework” in Latin, a remix of Aminata’s spring hit “Don’t confuse me” was released.

The title of the album echoes the current work in self-isolation conditions during the pandemic, explains Rutulis.

The album includes 19 remixes created since 2014. Including some unpublished works so far.

The album contains the mentioned remix for Amina, as well as “Instruments”, Jānis Stībelis, “The Other Side”, Ivo Grīsniņš-Grīslis, Normunds Rutulis, Oskars Petrauskis, Rūta Dūduma-Ķirse, Mārtiņš Ruskis, “Franco Franco”, Mārcis Auziņš, Raimonds “My Radiant You”, “Bet bet”, Andris Ērglis, Toms Kalderauskis, Rodion Gordin and Antra Stafecka, Rassel, Sabīne Berezina and Aivo Oskis.

The remix arranger, programmer, sound designer, mix director, studio producer and producer of the album is Normunds Rutulis or “N’Works”: already in 2014. However, I have created most of the album in the last 3 years, I have not deviated from my handwriting anywhere, although it has become more modern. for a while, I’m replacing playing video games. Remixing is also a kind of game that should not be mistaken. The world of sound and music is beautiful, and with remixing I swim and fly in it farther and deeper.

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