Rutte looks at income of Orange, but warns against ‘populist discussions’

Prime Minister Rutte is going to consider whether the financing of the royal house should be adjusted. He doesn’t really like it, because he fears an endless discussion about the level of the income of the House of Orange. “What is a lot and what is little? You cannot resolve that,” said the Prime Minister in the House of Representatives at the King’s budget.

Rutte promised to give it another thought, including the annual salary increase. “I will deliberate and weigh by hand.” In December he will send a letter with a definitive position.

The prime minister responded to questions from PvdA, GroenLinks, SP, D66 and the Party for the Animals about, among other things, the current raise of five percent for Willem-Alexander and Máxima and the money that Princess Amalia will receive from her eighteenth year. “The height has raised eyebrows for some time,” said D66 Member of Parliament Sneller. “A five percent salary increase cannot be explained in times of crisis,” said Wassenberg of the Party for the Animals.


The king’s income consists of two parts. An A-component can be seen as the salary, for the king in 2021 almost a million euros. The B component, about 5 million, is for personnel and material support. It is contained in the Financial Statute of the Royal House (WFSKH) of 1972, which was again approved by the House of Representatives in 2008. At the time, a fixed amount was set and that has grown over the years, indexed.

Some MPs want more transparency and wonder how the system is actually structured. “Amalia gets a generous scholarship, but what is that based on?” Wonders PvdA MP Kuiken. In 2022, the crown princess can count on a salary of 296,000 euros. “Is it still of this time?”

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