Russia’s nuclear weapons – Zhdanov announced the West’s plan to hit Putin – UNIAN

According to the expert, Ukraine’s partner countries have repeatedly stated that they would be ready to launch a preemptive strike.

Russia is unlikely to use against Ukraine nuclear weaponthe probability of its use today is very low.

Trust this expressed military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

“I think the use of nuclear weapons is a bluff,” he said.

According to the expert, Ukraine’s partner countries have repeatedly stated that they would be ready to launch a preemptive strike in the event of an attempt by the Russian Federation to hit Ukraine with a nuclear warhead.

“… they can also launch a preemptive strike against Putin himself, at the decision-making center, only when they try to use nuclear weapons … And even inert Europe today is not ready for a new” Chernobyl “appearing in the center geographical area of ​​the European continent. Only God alone will know where the wind will blow when this weapon is used, “said Zhdanov.

“We have debunked the myth of the” red button “more than once, it doesn’t exist. There is a suitcase with the codes. And there is a long procedure that goes down from top to bottom to use this weapon. Believe me, given today’s intelligence, as soon as there is talk of nuclear weapons entering Putin’s bunker, Western intelligence will know, “he added.

Nuclear blackmail of the Russian Federation: Putin will use weapons of mass destruction

Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly threatened Ukraine and the world with the use of nuclear weapons.

In particular, in his emergency speech of 21 September, dedicated to the announcement of the partial mobilization in the Russian Federation, Putin made a cynical statement:

“Anyone who tries to blackmail us in this way should know that the wind rose can turn in their direction.”

Even the Russian propagandists do not stop “throwing” threats. For example, in one of his speeches, Vladimir Solovyov threatened the whole world with a nuclear war:

“If NATO now decides that it can put anything on our borders. Now they will impose more and more American weapons on Ukraine … Ukraine will now take and hit one of our nuclear stations, and we will leave. The trial will be one-on-one. such uncontrollable speed, which few people will find.

At the same time, Ukrainian military experts believe that such attacks by the Russian Federation are nothing more than nuclear blackmailit aimed to bring Ukraine to the negotiating table and force it to accept the terms of the Kremlin.

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