Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Turkey wants to mediate between countries in resolving the conflict

“In our opinion, it would be a defeat for every country that would be affected by this kind of intervention. Ukraine is not a NATO member, but it is on the border of the Alliance. border, but will spread further. Then it will harm everyone, “- said Shentop.

The speaker noted that the aggravation of relations between Ukraine and Russia will provoke another crisis in the region. At the same time, the conflict can be resolved through conversation, mutual understanding and negotiation.

“Therefore, we must sit down and solve such potential crises not with the help of weapons and military operations, but through conversations, mutual understanding and negotiations,” Shentop said.

Shentop added that all countries should be concerned about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, since “silence will not help here.” Turkey, for its part, would like to become a mediator in resolving the issue.



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