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Russia’s Gas War Loss: G7 Takes Action to Cut Imports and Boost Ukraine Support

Russia lost completely in the gas war, which was announced by Putin after the Munich speech in 2007.

Countries The G7 continues to work on eliminating gas imports from Russia. At a meeting in Turin, the energy ministers of the G7 countriesthat measures to deny Russian gas imports and reduce the Russian Federation’s income from energy exports to further support Ukraine are being actively developed.

The G7 also said they intend to reduce their dependence on civil nuclear-related goods received from the Russian Federation.

Therefore, Over the past decade and a half, the West has been able to solve the problem of “decoupling” from Russia’s energy resources, and from two sides at the same time: on the one hand, an alternative was created in the form of shale gas in the US and the development of LNG technology, which significantly changed the entire geography of gas supply; on the other hand, Russia was regularly cut off from its main European market. About writing Russian economic analyst Anatoly Nesmiyan.

Russia lost the dry gas warand there is no need to even try to explain and prove it somehow. Russia’s budget deficit this year alone amounts to hundreds of billions of rubles per quarter. Deficits in payments to the budget from Gazprom, compared to even the early twenties, now amount to two budgets in the Leningrad region per quarter. This is a huge blow to the economy in peacetime, and even more so now.”he noted.

In general, this is a continuation of Western policy after the ultimatum put forward in 2007 by Putin’s so-called Munich speech.

However, the West intends to see the situation through to the end, so steps will be taken to finally resolve the issue. The beneficiary in this situation is the United States, which is in an important part of the European market that has been freed.

“Part of it was captured by Norway, which today is in a very advantageous position, without making any effort. In addition, during the gas war, Norway also received a large part of the Barents Sea, which there were one high-ranking fool gave it to the Norwegians for nothing, counting on the profit from the Shtokman field, which remained in dreams. – he noted.

The point is that in 2010, then Russian President Medvedev signed an agreement on the delimitation of the Barents Sea with Norway. Hydrocarbon deposits were later discovered on the land​​​​ that was given to Norway. There could be about 2 billion barrels of oil equivalent there.

“In general, the decision of the Seven is not new and, moreover, unexpected. The West just focuses on the fact that there are still unresolved issues that it will continue to deal with“, Nesmiyan emphasized.

Let us remind you that the European Union for the second year in a row breaking a record depending on the amount of gas usage.

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