Russia’s Battle Against Western Hegemony: Is the World Order Shifting?

“No one has authorized the Western minority to speak in the name of all humanity”: the words of Sergueï LAVROV, head of Russian diplomacy, Monday at the UN podium… Russia in the midst of a diplomatic offensive, which hopes lead the rest of the world in its battle against Western hegemony, (while China is now posing as a peacemaker.) So will the war in Ukraine sign a deep and lasting recomposition of the world order? In its fight against the West, is Russia less isolated than we think? Do Joe Biden and his 80 years embody the end of a world, or on the contrary a last rampart for democracies? We discuss it with:

Bernard GUETTARenew Europe MEP, author of “The European Nation” published by Flammarion (19/04/2023)

Frederic ENCELGeopolitical scientist, professor of international relations and political science, lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, author of “Little lessons in diplomacy” published by Autre (10/05/2023)

Elsa VIDAL, Journalist, editor-in-chief of the Russian-language editorial staff of RFI

Isabelle MANDRAUDJournalist, deputy head of the international service of the newspaper Le Monde, former correspondent in Moscow, co-author with Julien Theron of “Putin, the strategy of disorder” published by Tallandier (11/02/2021)

Gerard ARAUDDiplomat, former Ambassador of France to the United States (2014-2019), former Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations (2009-2014), author of “We were alone A diplomatic history of France 1919-1939” published by Tallandier (16.03.23)

2023-04-27 21:57:34
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