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The average desired income of a family of Russians this year turned out to be the highest for the entire time of observation, experts noted. However, it turned out that in reality families still earn more – the average real income was 86.8 thousand rubles. against the desired 85.7 thousand rubles. Thus, the gap between financial desires and reality this year amounted to 1.1 thousand rubles. in favor of available income.

At the same time, families in some federal districts would like to earn more than the average indicated income in Russia. The highest requests were from residents of the Northwestern Federal District – 100.8 thousand rubles., In the Ural Federal District, families would have arranged an income of 95.4 thousand rubles., In the Central – 90.2 thousand rubles., In the Far East – 88.3 thousand rubles

In addition, there are different requests for family income for men and women. The former would like a family budget of 88.4 thousand rubles, and the latter – 83.6 thousand rubles, experts said.

While the average desired household income in Russia has increased, the average salary that Russians would like to receive has fallen against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. In June, respondents said they would like to receive 74 thousand rubles in their hands. per month, it was said in the study of the job search service and staff recruitment “”. Moreover, in January, before the spread of coronavirus in the country, the respondents called another amount – 92 thousand rubles.

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