Russian Troop Losses in Ukraine: Over 200K Soldiers and Counting

The loss of Russian troops in Ukraine has reached 209,470 soldiers by Saturday morning, according to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army.

According to the data of the general staff, 560 invaders were destroyed during the day.

Since the beginning of the repeated invasion on February 24 of last year, Russia has lost 3,829 tanks, 7,502 armored personnel carriers, 3,533 cannons, 582 multiple rocket launchers, 342 anti-aircraft artillery systems, 313 airplanes, 298 helicopters, 3,165 drones, 1,132 cruise missiles, 628 9 cars and tankers, 18 ships and speedboats, as well as 475 units of specialized equipment.

The extent of Russia’s losses is being clarified, as the acquisition of information is hindered by hostilities.

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2023-06-03 06:26:31
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