Russian think tank survey: Nearly 70% of Russian companies choose “Made in China” to replace Western equipment, and the proportion is expected to be even higher in the future | Blog Post

According to a recent report on the website of the “Russian Business Consulting Daily” website, a recent survey by the Gaidar Economic Policy Institute shows that Russian companies now mainly use Chinese and local products to replace equipment and spare parts originally imported from “unfriendly countries”. Especially in the equipment market, nearly 70% of Russian companies chose Chinese suppliers last year. Some Russian experts predict that the market share of “Made in China” in the Russian industry will be even higher in the future.

Last year, nearly 70% of Russian companies chose Chinese suppliers to replace Western equipment.

Last year, nearly 70% of Russian companies chose Chinese suppliers to replace Western equipment.

According to the report, the investigation laboratory of the Gaidar Institute of Economic Policy issued a questionnaire to about 1,000 Russian companies in January this year to investigate the replacement of imported goods subject to secondary sanctions in equipment, spare parts and accessories. The results show that the share of Chinese suppliers in the first two replacement products exceeds that of Russian local suppliers, becoming the “most popular new channel”, while Russian products only have a slight advantage in accessories.

Specifically, 67% of Russian companies chose China as the country to replace Western equipment, accounting for the highest proportion, followed by 39% of Russian companies. Another 21% chose EEU partners other than Russia (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan), 17% chose Turkey, and 12% chose India, Iran, Vietnam, Egypt and North Korea. In addition, 23% of Russian companies chose “third countries” other than the listed countries, and 15% continued to receive sanctioned equipment.

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