“Russian Tennis Players Shine at Roland Garros Despite Point Losses”

Russians on “Roland Garros“get by with point losses, not massive ones, which often happens to them at TBSh.

In Paris, there are even sensational results from our tennis players. For example, from 16-year-old Mirra Andreeva and Elina Avanesyan, who made their way to the tournament through qualifications. Both coped well with their experienced and stronger opponents, impressing the audience, which managed to see their matches live.

She did not leave without a bright show the French and the guests of Roland Garros and Anna Blinkova. The 56th racket of the world played in the second round against the 5th number of the world ranking – carolyn garcia. In personal meetings, the tennis players had an equal score, but what is interesting is that in 2019 Blinkova beat the Frenchwoman on the clay TBSH. This is what gave hope to all the fans of the Russian woman that the next meeting at this tournament and this cover would end in favor of Blinkova.

In the first set, however, everyone’s mood was at zero. Blinkova was noticeably inferior to Garcia, who took the lead in the draws, attacking deep. Even the wind did not help the Russian woman. One break from Carolyn was enough to take the lead in the match – 6:4. She beautifully put an end to everything with an ace.

In the same vein, Garcia continued with an early break. This time, Blinkova did the opposite in time, turning the tide of the game. After that, the Frenchwoman began to give double blows, to break blows. Blinkova’s breaks in this downturn were only a matter of time. Anna took advantage of her chances – 4:1. Then Garcia tried to make a comeback, even took the opponent’s serve, but this only allowed to soak the score – 3:6.

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The decisive third game turned out to be valid in its ending. Blinkova allowed the Frenchwoman to equalize at 5:4 and two match points, and then stubbornly did not want to bring the matter to a tie-break. At 6:5, Garcia had chances, but she did not convert break points. Anna was visibly nervous, even gave doubles, but still managed to close the match on the eighth (!) match point — 7:5.

In the third round, Blinkova will play with a Ukrainian Elina Svitolina. It was she who did not allow the tennis player to take the clay title at the tournament in Strasbourg before Roland Garros.

Daria Kasatkina, The 9th racket of the world, had a much calmer match than Blinkova. She got the 60th rating number on the grid Marketa Vondrousov from the Czech Republic. The Russian woman had experience of victories over her, so she clearly knew what to do with her. Although the bookmakers considered Vondrousova the clear favorite, who played in the final in Paris in 2019.

The meeting began with an exchange of breaks. Then Kasatkina beautifully drove Vondrousova around the court, tried to dominate, took the lead and took the first set – 6:3.

After that, in the second installment, the tennis players again exchanged breaks, the Czech at first did not give Kasatkina a chance to break away. Then Kasatkina began to simply fly around the court, everything worked out for her. It all happened when Daria gave out the kick of the day through the legs, which should enter the Roland Garros highlights. With a score of 30:30 on her serve in the fifth game, she delighted the stands. She later admitted that she had been training a tweener since childhood.

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As a result, Kasatkina saved herself from her opponent’s break points in the seventh game, made a break with a score of 4:4, and then served to win – 6:4. And all this in front of the audience, including the singer Zemfira, who is recognized in Russia as a foreign agent.

The next opponent of Kasatkina will be an American Python Stearns. The Russian woman can cope with the 69th line of the rating, so we are waiting for the continuation of her path to Roland Garros.

Who will advance to the next round?

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