Russian Su-27 intercepted two American aircraft over the Black Sea :: Society :: RBC

Russian fighter Su-27

(Photo: Marina Lysceva / TASS)

The Russian Su-27 air defense fighter of the Southern Military District intercepted two American aircraft over the neutral waters of the Black Sea. This was reported to RBC at the National Center for Defense Management.

On June 29, a Poseidon patrol aircraft and an RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft were discovered over the Black Sea. To escort two American aircraft, the Su-27 flew into the air. Russian fighters escorted the American Poseidon and reconnaissance aircraft throughout the flight. American aircraft did not violate the Russian border.

“Flights of Russian aircraft were carried out in strict accordance with the International Rules for the Use of Airspace over Neutral Waters, without violating the borders of other states,” the statement said.

USA and Norway raise fighter jets to escort Russian Tu-142

TU-142 airplane and F-22 fighter

The last time the Poseidon aircraft and the RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft, as well as the KS-135 refueling aircraft flew by near the Russian borders on June 26. Then they were escorted by Su-30 fighters of the naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet. Later Ministry of Defense published YouTube interception video.


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