Russian singer Zemfira releases powerful anti-war song “Meat”

The war-themed drawings shown in the video were created by actress and director Renata Litvonova. She is also the director of the clip.

Zemfir and Litvonov left Russia at the beginning of the war.

Litvonova has posted a link to a music video on her Telegram channel. “We must not kill each other. We must not attack. We must not cheat,” the director writes.

“There is spring on the calendar, but in reality there are excavations and high-precision and long-range missiles. It is midnight in Mariupol, I will dream in horror every night,” Zemfira sings in one of the verses of the song.

The song asks Zemfira on behalf of the occupiers, “Where have we come? Why have we arrived?”

Zemfira has previously expressed support for Ukraine with a new music video, “Do Not Shoot”, which shows the bombing of Ukrainian cities.

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