Russian ships observed near the Nord Stream – VG gas pipelines

IN NORTHERN WATERS: Last week Russian submarines were observed off the coast of Denmark, according to CNN. The photos were taken in 2016, when a Russian Delta IV submarine was photographed off Andøya.

Several Russian military ships were recently observed in the same area where the gas leak occurred, Western intelligence sources said.


Less than 20 minutes ago

It was discovered on Tuesday three large holes in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

The cause is currently unknown, however On Monday, seismologists recorded several powerful explosions at oil pipelines, and many believed that the leak could be due to Russian sabotage.

quotes CNN several unnamed intelligence sources that several Russian Navy support vessels were observed both Monday and Tuesday in the vicinity of the spot where the leaks were discovered. Additionally, Russian submarines are said to have been observed in the same area last week.

At the same time, a Danish military source points out that it is not uncommon to see Russian ships in international waters.

Ann-Kristin Bjergene, communications manager for the Norwegian defense intelligence service, told VG that Thursday evening she did not have enough information to comment on the matter.

Russia also claimed that the losses are due to sabotage, but instead aimed at the United States.

The Russian energy company Gazprom is the main owner of the gas pipelines, which connect Russia and Germany.

Gas war in Europe

Putin has he has repeatedly been accused of waging an energy war against Europe as a response to Western sanctions on the war in Ukraine.

Losses in the Baltic Sea occur at a time when the energy market in Europe is already under great pressure. Gas prices rose one point twenty percent on Tuesday afternoon, after falling four days in a row.

This summer, Russia chose to limit the gas supply to Nord Stream 1 indefinitely. Nord Stream 2, on the other hand, was never put into operation. However, both lines were filled with engineering gas to keep the pressure high, which they now have leaked in large quantities.

Therefore, Norwegian gas and energy exports have never been as important as they are now, which means they can be particularly vulnerable to sabotage. according to the researchers.

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