Russian ships in the Black Sea withdrew to the coasts of Crimea: explanation known as – UNIAN

Two missile carriers with 16 “Calibers” completely ready were still left in fight support.

In the Black Sea because of to a storm Russian naval group hidden alongside the coastline of the Crimean peninsula in the direction of Novorossiysk.

The operational command “Pivden” studies it in the current report in Facebook.

Observe that two missile carriers with 16 Kalibr missiles ready had been still left in overcome duty.

Through the day it was claimed that The Russian Federation has amplified the grouping of ships in the Black Sea to three models. The selection of Kalibr cruise missiles all set to strike has risen to 24.

In accordance to the hottest knowledge from the Basic Team of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, in the maritime operational places of the Black Sea and Azov the grouping of enemy ships focuses its key efforts on reconnaissanceby blocking civilian navigation in the northwestern component of the Black Sea and by destroying military installations and infrastructure inside Ukraine.

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