Russian rave group “Little Big” releases anti-war video and leaves the country


The clip for the song “Generation Cancellation” is the first to be released by the band in 2022, writes the portal “”. In a press release, participants said they were “criticizing war, propaganda and politics.”

“The war is not over. Stop the war in Ukraine. Stop the wars around the world. No one deserves a war,” the video said.

“We adore our country, but we completely disagree with the war in Ukraine, moreover, we believe that any war is unacceptable. We condemn the actions of the Russian government and we have such a disgusting Russian military propaganda machine that we decided to leave everything and leave. state, “said the group ‘s leader Ilya Prusikin.

It has also become known that the members of “Little Big” have left Russia. The group is now based in Los Angeles.

Previously, the members of the group have already expressed their anti-war position. At the end of March, the group’s leader Ilya Prusikin and vocalist Sofja Tajurska published clear records in their Instagram accounts. Participants took pictures in T-shirts with the inscription “No War”, excluding the possibility to comment on the recording.

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